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ForeseeHome: A Year in Review

December 2023

This year digital health and artificial intelligence (AI) were hot topics on the podium at many ophthalmic conferences. As the only digital healthcare provider offering AI-enabled home-based devices for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) as part of a comprehensive remote monitoring service, we’re proud to be at the forefront of optimal patient care. Detecting wet AMD early with good vision is essential, and ForeseeHome is proven to help your doctor do just that!

We’re also proud to be a patient-first organization that values your opinions and feedback. Patient feedback is crucial as it provides valuable insights into the quality of healthcare services, helps identify areas for improvement, enhances patient satisfaction, and ultimately contributes to the overall improvement of patient care and experience.

We’ve listened to you and made sure more doctors are aware of the ForeseeHome program by expanding our practice engagement efforts to practices across the country. We focused heavily on reaching out to primary eye care doctors so that many more patients can benefit from the ForeseeHome monitoring program. More than 215 new doctors partnered with the Notal Vision Monitoring Center to provide ForeseeHome to their patients this year, and with the increase of new doctors, we saw more than 4,700 newly referred patients.

This year we focused on improving your experience by adding SMS (text) messaging capabilities and a Testing Pause Form to the Patient Portal. In addition to providing patients with multiple opportunities to share their feedback with our leadership along their patient journey, there are two critical evaluation points. These are the initial assessment of their experience and a􀅌er the first testing cycle in their monitoring journey. These assessments in 2023 revealed:

• 96% of survey responders rate their initial experience with the Notal Vision Monitoring Center as “Highly Satisfied” or “Satisfied”, and 98% of patients said their expectations had been met by the Notal Vision Monitoring Center team.

• When we evaluate the patients experiences after roughly one month on the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring program, we happily report that 95% of patients continue to rate their overall experience as “Highly Satisfied” or “Satisfied”. Additionally, 93% of patients rated their experience as positive after training by the Notal Vision Monitoring Center team.

We look forward to continuing to make the ForeseeHome program an even better experience for you and your eye doctor. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions or comments by emailing

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