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ForeseeHome Reminders to Test

November 2023

We have often spoken about the evidence that testing at the recommended frequency with ForeseeHome can help with early detection of conversion from intermediate dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to wet AMD while the visual acuity is good. Testing with ForeseeHome should be done as often as possible, up to once a day.

Several tips that may be helpful to remind you to test daily are listed below:

• Many of us take daily medicine. Do your ForeseeHome testing just before or after you finish taking your medications. If you take medicines more than once a day, consider linking ForeseeHome testing with the first time you take those medications.

• Set a daily timer. Many of us have a smartphone. These all include a feature for an alert that can be set for a specific time once a day. These alarms can be set with a remarkably annoying ring until they are shut off.

• Do you do something once a day at the same time every day, such as reading the newspaper, drinking a morning cup of coffee, or taking a walk? Why not test with ForeseeHome just before, or after?

• Many people talk with someone such as a relative or an old friend, once a day, regularly. You might suggest to that person to ask you each day: “Did you test with ForeseeHome today?”

We are creatures of habit. Why not make testing with ForeseeHome a habit? It’s a good habit to prioritize your eyes!

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