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Gail's ForeseeHome Story

May 2023

My ForeseeHome Story

There were times when I did not want to stop what I was doing to take the ForeseeHome test. My memory tells me I did not test as frequently as needed. Oh, what good will it do? Yet I became a believer and do spend the small amount of time needed to test at least five times a week now.

On February 2, I had a scheduled appointment with my Retina Specialist. He noted there were changes, however, my exam was similar to the one nine months earlier. I left feeling confident and safe.

About 20 days later, while testing my right eye, obvious small “blank” areas appeared on the ForeseeHome screen. Some were smudgy as if those areas had been erased. I kept testing daily and a few days later I called my doctor’s office to describe the situation and was given an immediate appointment. I saw him on March 2, exactly one month after my previous appointment.

My right eye had gone from dry to wet macular degeneration. If I were not testing regularly, how would I have become aware of the change? I would have missed it.

My message is, PLEASE TEST. This experience has taught me that testing is a necessity, not a personal whim to do when I feel like it. It has reminded me I have responsibility for what could happen to the health of my eyes and vision.

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