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Meet Dr. Jennifer Jacobs

April 2023

Jennifer Jacobs Headshot Jennifer Jacobs Headshot

The Notal Vision Monitoring Center is dedicated to providing the best patient experience possible. This month, we are thrilled to feature one of two medical Directors, Dr. Jennifer Jacobs.

Dr. Jacobs is a board-certified ophthalmologist working with Notal Vision since February 2017. When asked why she is passionate about her job, she explains “because I have seen the benefit ForeseeHome provides to those individuals who are referred to our monitoring center. Not only does it allow patients to take an active role in the management of their age-related macular degeneration, but we have seen that most monitored patients are able to maintain functional vision if they convert to wet AMD. This functional vision is maintained long term after treatment adding to their quality of life.”

As one of the medical directors, Dr. Jacobs’ duties include oversight of the Notal Vision Monitoring Center making sure clinical standards are maintained, assisting in staff training, evaluation of clinical data and review of alerts, as well as contributing to newsletters sent to physicians and their monitored patients.

When she isn’t providing her expertise on AMD home monitoring, Dr. Jacobs enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and being active in her church community.

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