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Meet Joshua Glidewell

January 2022

Joshua glidewell crop Joshua glidewell crop
The Notal Vision Monitoring Center is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible. This month, we are excited to feature our own Joshua Glidewell, a member of the Logistics and Technical Services team.

Working with Notal Vision since 2017, Joshua runs the on-site device laboratory where ForeseeHome devices are refurbished in our Manassas, Virginia headquarters. He also coordinates device shipments to and from patients while they are enrolled in the AMD Monitoring Program, as well as component deliveries from Notal Vision’s Israel office.

Working in a controlled environment, Joshua and his team ensure that all ForeseeHome devices are stored and assembled in the right conditions to protect sensitive electronic components. This means maintaining proper humidity and ensuring that strict cleaning procedures and guidelines are followed.

When it comes to identifying the most rewarding aspect of his job, Joshua notes the opportunity to create the best possible experience for patients:

“We pride ourselves on white glove service and doing what’s best for the patient. For us, this means giving them individualized attention and empowering them to get the most out of testing, without worrying about logistics and shipping.”

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