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PAC Corner: Testing Regularly is a Must

July 2024

Regular testing with ForeseeHome is a must in my book. I’m not a doctor and everyone’s eyes behave differently, but I want to share why testing regularly is so important and the sense of comfort it provides.

One day I was testing, and I noticed that the cursor would completely disappear in spots as I moved to and from the center. I called my retina specialist and left a message. They saw me that week as an extra visit and investigated what was happening.

Honestly, they thought my left eye was on the cusp of getting wet, but the extra fluid being seen was not blood. They gave me the option of trying an injection to see if it resolved the issue. I was moved to monthly checks, and I was able to see the progress through testing every day. It made me excited to test as I looked for improvement.

After 3 shots the problem resolved, and I was given an option to stop the injections as we continue watching for changes. I have not required another injection and it has been 2 years. I never would have noticed this problem without testing on ForeseeHome.

At another time, the center dot completely disappeared. Again, I called my retina team and this time they knew what was happening. They had seen it starting to happen on a scan in the office but, since it was a tech visit only, I was not told of the change at that time. My largest drusen was leaking and collapsed. This would not have been clear to me without testing.

So, I strongly advise testing for many reasons. Certainly, the primary focus is to help your doctor catch a wet conversion but pay attention. My retina team listens and takes changes on my monitoring very seriously. I hope yours will too.

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PAC Member and advocate for ForeseeHome

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