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PAC Corner: Traveling with ForeseeHome

April 2024

Wifi Connection When Traveling
We take many road trips around the United States and hotels sometimes don’t have adequate WiFi to support testing with ForeseeHome. If you travel with your device often this can add up to many days without testing. After this happened a few times, I called the Notal Vision Monitoring Center and asked if there was anything I could do. Here are the options:

  • Test anyway as the data is stored in the machine. When you can connect to WiFi, the data will be transmitted but remember that your network connection is important for your ongoing monitoring by the Notal Vision Monitoring Center.
  • Request a cellular modem. By removing the WiFi modem and inserting the cellular modem, I was able to connect and transmit my data as usual.
  • Request a pause if away from your device for more than a week and do not wish to travel with it.

Unplugging Your Device
When taking ForeseeHome with you, make sure to unplug the ENTIRE cord and not just part of it. The cord has 2 parts - one plugs into the wall and the other is attached to the cord going into the machine.

Two years ago, when taking my device with me for a 2-month vacation, I discovered I only had part of the cord and was not able to use the device. The outlet portion was still plugged in at home! I called the Notal Vision Monitoring Center, and they mailed me a new cord.

Flying With ForeseeHome
The device is Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approved to carry on when flying. Don't forget to pack your ForeseeHome device in the carrying case for easy transport.

Testing in Different Time Zones
It is not required that you test at any specific time of the day, but it’s recommended you test as part of your normal routine. If you're testing daily, or a minimum of 3 to 4 times each week, the time you test does not mater.

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