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Predictive Value of ForeseeHome Alerts

November 2022

A sub-analysis focusing on the predictive value of ForeseeHome alerts using data collected from the 10-year retrospective ALOFT study was published in the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Ophthalmology Retina journal.

Researchers analyzed data from patients who had ForeseeHome non-exudative alerts – alerts that did not result in an immediate wet AMD diagnosis. These patients were twice as likely than other dry AMD patients to convert over the following two years. The finding was even more remarkable for patients who had wet AMD in one eye and dry in the other eye, also known as the “fellow eye”. They had a 44% chance of converting to wet AMD over the next two years.

The predictive nature of these alerts can potentially be used for more vigilant management, and as a clinical research tool for new therapies.

ALOFT Study Sub-Analysis

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