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ForeseeHome Program Overview

Establishing a Baseline & Ongoing Testing with ForeseeHome

After a patient is given step-by-step device setup and training by their dedicated ForeseeHome Clinical Partner, they will begin testing to establish their baseline.

A baseline is a patient’s normative pattern and is used in combination with an AMD population normative pattern to measure subsequent tests for any changes.

A baseline period can take up to 12 tests. Each test takes a few minutes per prescribed eye, and if a patient is testing both eyes, the viewer for ForeseeHome can be rotated to test each eye independently.


The Notal Vision Diagnostic Clinic will work with all patients regardless of preexisting conditions to help them establish a baseline. Conditions like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's do not preclude patients from being able to test with ForeseeHome. Pre-existing visual field defects or a patient’s inability to steadily use a computer mouse may prevent a patient from establishing a baseline.

We have found that over 4 out of 5 patients will successfully establish a baseline with ForeseeHome.


If a patient is unable to establish baseline, the Notal Vision Diagnostic Clinic receives a notification and reviews the patient’s report. After review, the patient and practice are notified via telephone and email to explain the findings if the decision is to discontinue.

In some cases, a decision is made to reset the baseline when the test scores seem to be borderline to the normative data or a patient demonstrates that they do not understand usage. A patient will be given a second attempt and provided with additional usage tips on establishing a baseline.

When a patient still cannot establish a baseline, they are encouraged to follow up with their doctor’s recommendations for alternative at-home monitoring tools.

Patients are encouraged to use the device every day.


Patients are encouraged to use the device every day. Patients who are close to falling below the minimum 8 tests per 30-day cycle required for Medicare reimbursement will be notified to continue testing.

If tests are not received for a period of one week, the patient’s Notal Vision Clinical Partner will contact them to encourage compliance or check and troubleshoot any transmission issues. If a transmission problem cannot be fixed, Notal Vision will send a new device to the patient.

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