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Clinical Data

ForeseeHome NRich Registry

A new registry monitoring the impact of digital remote monitoring for intermediate AMD patients

Creating Clinical and Financial Value

We have created a new clinical registry project for the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program that provides doctors and practices with additional clinical and financial value.

  • WHY? Based on the sub-analysis of the ALOFT study, non-exudative alerts are a strong indicator of future conversion and can help with more informed care for these patients.
ALOFT 2 NE Alerts Graph w title copy
  • WHAT? Financially compensated practice data entry via easy-to-use web portal with monthly payment to practice. Requested data is acquired as part of standard of care.
  • WHO? All activated ForeseeHome patients qualify for participation in the registry program.
  • HOW? The Notal Vision Monitoring Center is an accredited healthcare provider covered under HIPAA, and registry protocol is IRB waivered for sharing data collected as part of standard of care. No patient consent is needed.

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