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Catch wet AMD conversion earlier with advanced remote monitoring from the Notal Vision Monitoring Center, provider of ForeseeHome.

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ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program

ForeseeHome is an advanced home monitoring system for at-risk intermediate AMD patients that helps detect wet AMD conversion at 20/40 or better in 81% of patients.1 As part of a comprehensive remote monitoring program, the Notal Vision Monitoring Center works with your staff to easily implement identifying patients and ordering ForeseeHome into your practice workflow that requires minimal effort or additional time.

The ability of ForeseeHome to detect very early conversion to wet AMD is of paramount importance to patients to ensure better visual outcomes.

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T. Mark Johnson, MD, FRSC
Retina Group of Washington - Washington, DC
How it Works
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Notal Vision Monitoring Center

Proven and Effective Home Monitoring to Support Your Practice

The Notal Vision Monitoring Center is a Medicare-credentialed, remote ophthalmic monitoring center that cares for your patients between office visits, when it’s difficult to manage the acute onset of late-stage disease that requires timely treatment. An alert is sent when a statistically significant change in visual distortion is detected. We can help you shorten patient chair time with our comprehensive AMD monitoring services, including supplemental disease education.

How the Monitoring Center Works
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Conversion to Wet AMD Can Happen at Any Time

Leading to severe vision loss if not treated early enough

Protecting Vision

Over 65% of eyes lose too much vision at wet AMD diagnosis with current detection methods.2

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Better Long-Term Outcomes

Anti-VEGF treatment yields better long-term results when wet AMD is detected with good visual acuity.2

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Care Between Office Visits

ForeseeHome helps you care for patients between office visits and detect wet AMD earlier.

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