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Importance of Daily Testing

March 2022

ForeseeHome functions by calculating a score for a patient's visual distortion. When a new patient begins testing with ForeseeHome, they must establish a baseline (their own particular score for visual distortion). The artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm then determines if additional distortion consistent with a conversion to wet disease develops in the future during testing, and issues an alert.

We recently communicated to ForeseeHome patients about the importance of daily testing, which helps ensure the best possible visual outcomes by providing the AI algorithm with the data necessary to accurately monitor visual changes consistent with disease progression

While the Notal Vision Monitoring Center monitors patients' testing activity (accessible in the ECP Portal), we also ask that you reiterate the importance of daily testing, as early treatment from an eye care professional can prevent vision loss.

If visual changes, which are frequently so subtle that they often goes unnoticed by patients, are detected early, the patient can see their doctor and be treated before they develop recognizable abnormal vision.

Questions about establishing a baseline for the Notal Vision Monitoring Center Medical Directors? Let us know.

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