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Digital Healthcare With The Notal Vision Monitoring Center

March 2022

Achieving early wet AMD diagnosis (critical for better visual outcomes), is a challenge for many practices. According to IRIS® Registry real-world data, too many patients are presenting when significant vision loss has already occurred from the conversion from dry to neovascular AMD.1

While the ForeseeHome device is a proven solution to help you detect your patients' wet AMD conversions earlier, partnering with a digital healthcare provider such as the Notal Vision Monitoring Center is key to producing a successful remote monitoring program for patients.

As a Medicare credentialed healthcare provider, the Notal Vision Monitoring Center, digital health provider of the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program, provides end-to-end support for both you and your patients.

Our team is your partner in patient care between office visits. From receipt of referral until alert notification, patients receive exceptional service throughout their journey. The Notal Vision Monitoring Center provides benefits verification, disease education, comprehensive device setup assistance and training, and continuous engagement—all done remotely at the patient's convenience.

The amount of patient engagement that the Notal Vision Monitoring Center provides directly correlates to high testing compliance in the real world.

Interested in learning how we can work together to provide continuous support for patients in between office visits? Let us know.


1. Ho AC, Kleinman DM, Lum FC, et al. Baseline Visual Acuity at Wet AMD Diagnosis Predicts Long-Term Vision Outcomes: An Analysis of the IRIS Registry. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging Retina. 2020;51:633-639.

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